Bureaucracy: For some, a vast clutter of rules and regulations; for others, the greatest achievement in the history of systems of government. “Desk-ocracy” explores the pros and cons of bureaucracy, relying exclusively on government forms and legal texts in order to deconstruct the language and structure of bureaucracy.

This production is a joint project of Uniater e. V., the artist collective FRITZAHOI! and the Berlin-based band Queen Sacrifice and celebrated its premiere on September 23rd 2016, as part of the one-year anniversary of the art and creative house Rechenzentrum. Further performances were on September 24th and 25th at 7:30pm. It was also show on December 9, 2016 in the context of the international conference “Fictions of Management” of the Kennedy Institute of the FU Berlin.

(c) Winnie Christiansen

(c) Winnie Christiansen

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Cast: Sophie Roeder, Kristin Fabig, Konstantin Käfer, Robin Schreiber, Pablo Bader, Annemarie Kleinert
Stage/Wardrobe: Barbara Lenartz
Director: Sina Schmidt
Assistant: Kristin Fabig
Musical direction: Nathan Vanderpool
Lighting: Jorgen Eyrich
Make-up: Teresa Ciuffoletti
Surtitles: Sophia Schützler


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