Pilot episode of the theatre series Men in Space

Icarus“, the first episode of the new theatre series “Men in Space”, focuses on the young painter Ivan Maňasek. Through an intermediary, the Bulgarian mafia commissions him to copy a stolen icon that is to be sold to the USA past Interpol. Ivan passionately throws himself into the work and doesn’t know that he and his clique have long been in the crosshairs of the Czech state police.

The plot is set in Prague in the 1990s and takes place against the backdrop of the Velvet Revolution. How do young people experience social upheaval, how do they use this time in which everything is in limbo?

Men in Space Ikarus_(c) Matěj Řízek

(c) Matěj Řízek

In his novel of the same name, which forms the basis of the theatre series, Tom McCarthy paints a multi-faceted picture of developments in Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Episodically, from the perspectives of the art scene, the mafia and a Czech agent, he tells the story of a dubious icon that does not seem to bring any luck to its owners.

The Uniater e. V. ensemble is developing an art thriller based on the novel’s plot, which in its first part “Icarus” shows the events from the art scene’s perspective. The second part, planned for 2018, then describes the events from the point of view of the mafia, and the third part complements the story of the agent who supervises and documents all that’s happening. Each episode of this theatre series stands on its own and yet the three episodes reference each other and in the end form a greater whole.

June 2./3./4., 2017 at 7:30pm at the theatre hall of Treffpunkt Freizeit

Pablo Bader, Elias Ehrlich, Kristin Fabig, Dana Lange, Giorgi Richter, Peter Retzlaff, Sophia Schützler, Naomi Webster-Grundl, Manuela Villing

Terminator Knödel | Thilo Kühne (Vocals, Guitar), Dirk Weber (Vocals, Bass Guitar), Robin Schreiber (Keyboard), Marius Eilbrecht (Drums), Sina Schmidt (Vocals)

Director: Sina Schmidt
Dramaturgy/Writing/Sound design: Simon Rienäcker
Stage design/diapositives: Matěj Řízek
Wardrobe: Dana Lange, Sophia Schützler
Lighting: Jorgen Eyrich
Public Relations: Kristin Fabig, Sophia Schützler
Artistic Collaborator: Sophie Roeder

 Kindly supported by:
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