Workshop presentation: Men in Space


An English teacher. A party. Conversations. Art. Drugs. Sex. An icon painting – a deal.

On July 8 2016, the Uniater ensemble invited the public to its workshop presentation of “Men in Space” in the art and creative center Rechenzentrum and gave a first preview of their theatre series of the same name, which will be shown in Potsdam from March 2017  and is based on the novel by Tom McCarthy. The Berlin-based band Vizediktator provided musical support for the scenery.



Pablo Bader, Benedikt Friedrich, Alisa Gilmutdinova, Peter Retzlaff, Robin Schreiber, Swantje Schröder, Sophia Schützler, Dominika Tronina, Naomi Webster-Grundl, Manuela Villing

Music: Vizediktator

Director: Sina Schmidt
Dramaturgy: Simon Rienäcker
Assistant: Kristin Fabig
Diapositives: Sita Bertram
Lighting: Jorgen Eyrich


Kindly supported by:

asta-fhp Regenbogen PA Vizediktator