Blacklight. Fluorescent actors and props. Drama. Dance. Live-music. These are the ingredients for a play, which transfers the virtual reality of social media to the specific space of the stage. Contents from videos, chats or user comments become dialogues, monologues and choreographies.The audience is observer and protagonist at the same time, deciding on the path a scene takes.

AlgorithmenThe play is accompanied and commented by baroque music. The sound takes the audience on a journey from the early modern period of Europe to soundscapes in the future of the globalized world.

#theatre is the desktop version of #netscapes. What’s different? The network is bigger, the ensemble grew, the chances for audience interactions are more numerous and the blacklight is shining even more black!

Using the festival title #networks, this production received the prize for Best Director and the Special Prize of the Jury at the international theatre festival FITUT in Tangier, Morocco.

#theater | October 23rd/24th 2015, 8pm | Spartacus Potsdam, Friedrich-Engels-Str. 22, 14473 Potsdam


Egor Bobrov, Elias Ehrlich, Alina Epp, Kristin Fabig, Benedikt Friedrich, Clara Grunwald, Kathrin Henschen, Konstantin Käfer, Peter Retzlaff, Sophie Roeder, Manuela Villing, Naomi Webster-Grundl

Piano: Robin Schreiber
Sounds: Simon Rienäcker
Lighting: Jorgen Eyrich
Game Design: Maxim Suckow
Assistant Choreography: Christin Maerker
Assistant/Public Relations: Kristin Fabig
Spielleitung: Sina Schmidt



>>Interview at FITUT<<


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