¡Hola, temperatura!
A Theatre Trip to Cuba

(c) Miro Kaygalak

61 years after the Cuban Revolution, which made Fidel Castro, Che Guevara or Camilo Cienfuegos immortal, the “GDR under palm trees” is now slowly opening up to the West again. How is life on the Caribbean island, which is world-famous for its music, vintage cars and picturesque beaches, in times of change?

The theater collective FRITZAHOI! and the ensemble of the Uniater e. V. had the opportunity to take part in the international theater festival Olga Alonso in Fomento, Cuba with the production “Observations” at the beginning of March 2020. In a scenic reading live in the online meeting tool Zoom, the group reports on their experiences in the socialist island state:

What impressions did the team get of Cuba? What did they experience? And how is a play critical of surveillance understood in a surveillance state?

With the help of photos, videos, texts and small scenes, the members of the ensemble take the audience virtually with them for a second time on their two-week journey through the sunny country of longing, Cuba.


(c) Sophie Roeder

Alisa Gilmutdinova, Henri Ebert, Sylvain Fustier, Henrike Janssen, Peter Retzlaff, Sophie Roeder
Inszenierung/Text: Sina Schmidt
Videodesign: Victor Treushchenko-Bernhardt
Technik: Maik Meier, Stefan Piesche


¡Hola, temperatura! – A theater trip to Cuba, scenic reading in German language, November 20/21, 2020, at 20:15 live at the meeting tool Zoom.us, tickets at: Eventbrite

The event takes place in the meeting tool Zoom. The program can be installed as an app for laptop or mobile devices. In addition, participation via the Internet browser is also possible without installation. The access data for the online event will be sent by mail after successful ticket purchase.

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