A documentary music theatre performance

Blacklight. Fluorescent actors and props. Drama. Dance. Live-music. These are the ingredients for a play, which transfers the virtual reality of social media to the specific space of the stage. Contents from videos, chats or user comments become dialogues, monologues and choreographies. The material is not changed: Typos and spelling mistakes are literally brought to the stage. In this way, subliminal values and messages of the texts are exposed.

The play is inspired by the production “#networks”, which the ensemble performed in 2015. Starting from the question of how social media influences our everyday life and our way of communicating, the group created scenes and choreographies that deal with current trends in the digital world. Are Facebook and Twitter appropriate media for the creation of political ideas? Do YouTube, Instagram and blogs offer harmless entertainment or do they just want to sell us certain products?

The play is accompanied and commented by baroque music. The sound takes the audience on a journey from the early modern period of Europe to soundscapes in the future of the globalized world. The group developed this performance in a mix of German, English and Georgian language.

„#netscape“ will be performed during the German-Georgian exchange in Tiflis, Georgia. We thank our partners ARTbridge for their support!


Acting: Henri Ebert, Kristin Fabig, Benedikt Friedrich, Nina Grabowski, Jakob Hafke, Henrike Janssen, Lisa Schendzielorz, Manuela Villing, Naomi Webster-Grundl

Keyboard: Robin Schreiber

Sound: Anne Taegert, Lukas Pirl

Director/Author/Lights: Sina Schmidt

Stage/Costumes: Uniater ensemble

Exhibition: Benedikt Friedrich, Manuela Villing, Peter Retzlaff, Olga Zgiep

Translation: Giorgi Richter