Interstellar lecture performance Men in Space – Labyrinth @RZ birthday

Posted on Aug 28, 2019 in Allgemein

The ensemble of Uniater is back and our new season starts with a birthday party: 4 years – 4 corners, the Rechenzentrum celebrates four years anniversary! On this occasion we will give insights into the second part of Men in Space – Labyrinth with an interstellar reading. When: Sunday, 1.9.2019, between 13 and 15:45 o’clock according […]

Rehearsals are starting for Men in Space II

Posted on Oct 2, 2018 in Allgemein

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. in the “cosmos” of the art and creative house Rechenzentrum we will host a get-together for the second episode of “Men in Space”, which will be performed next year. You want to perform with us, create costumes and stage designs and learn something about planning and organizing […]

International theatre workshop in Finland

Posted on Aug 30, 2018 in Allgemein

From August 21st to 27th 2018 parts of the Uniater Ensemble attended the international workshop “The Stanislavsky’s System Today” in Vesala, Jyväskylä/Finland. For one week, 30 participants from Russia, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Finland and Greece worked on the acting and staging techniques of Konstantin Stanislawski using Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” as […]

Uniater meets ARTbridge – Part II

Posted on Mar 15, 2018 in Allgemein

After the student theatre ARTbridge from Tbilisi paid us a one-week visit last autumn, we paid our return visit from 6-13 April 2018. We brought with us: Our new production #netscape. On May 26th 2018 we’ll give a report of our travel experiences in the Rechenzentrum Potsdam with a photo showing and a reading of […]

German-Georgian theatre exchange

Posted on Oct 26, 2017 in Allgemein

Uniater meets ARTbridge In keeping with the German-Georgian year 2017, Uniater is organising a German-Georgian theatre exchange with ARTbridge – theatre-enthusiastic art students from the Tbilisi State Academy of Art – from October 27th to November 3rd. In addition to a guest performance and an exhibition by the group, an open theatre workshop, joint cooking […]

Men in Space – Icarus

Posted on May 22, 2017 in Allgemein

Art | Friendship | Surveillance | A dubious deal for an icon The Uniater e. V. presents the first episode of the new theatre series “Men in Space”. On 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2017, the Ensemble of the Uniater e. V. will present the world premiere of “MEN IN SPACE – ICARUS”, the […]

First episode of the theatre series Men in Space: Ikarus

Posted on Feb 26, 2017 in Allgemein

After an inspiring excursion to Prague in February 2017, rehearsals for the first episode of the new theatre series Men in Space will soon begin. Ikarus will celebrate its premiere on 2.6.2017 at the Treffpunkt Freizeit.